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At Octotech, we pride ourselves on our technical know-how and high levels of customer service. We like to ensure that our IT support team are friendly, helpful and proactive in dealing with your IT needs. When you chat to us, it’s always good to put a face to the name. So, why not take a look below to learn a little more about our great IT team?

Matt Bedding - Director


Matt has worked in IT departments for over 20 years, working for some major blue-chip organisations around Europe, the last 10 running his own business in Sussex. Matt has a passion for meeting new people and providing an IT solution to suit their needs. After meeting Nick and forming Octotech this has allowed him to concentrate on his aim at growing the business and developing customers. When not in the office Matt loves being out at sea on his boat fishing for his supper!

Nick Freeman - Director


From a young age Nick has had a passion for technology. After setting up Freeman PC Services (his old IT company) straight out of college Nick was offering a range of IT services. Nick soon became involved in software development and spent two years developing software for the security and policing world. After refocusing on IT support in 2013 Nick grew his client base and the range of services he offered. Nick met Matt through a mutual customer in 2015, a meeting which would sow the seed for the beginning of Octotech. Outside of work Nick is a keen cyclist, swimmer and runner and can often be found training for his next challenges.

Caleb Craighead - IT Support Engineer


When he was young Caleb wanted to be an artist. His love for art led him into the relm of digital painting where he found a passion for computing. In college it was a career swap from art to computer technologies where his course ranged from web design and digital animation to building computers and programming. When not behind a screen Caleb can be found; listening to his music far too loudly and playing along with either a guitar or keyboard, playing sports or dancing embarrassingly around a kitchen fixing himself a midnight snack.

Harry Bennett - IT Support Engineer


Harry has been with us for over 5 years now and blesses the office with his good looks and charm. He has a keen interest in both the hardware and software side of IT. When not in the office he spends most of his time eating, sleeping and exercising.

Toby Parker - IT Support Engineer


Toby joined the Octotech team over 2 years ago and has recently finished his apprenticeship with Chichester College. He is always ready to learn more and has a keen interest in hardware, especially building high-end rigs.

Toby Parker - IT Support Engineer


James made a bold career shift from Geology to IT, driven by his passion for technology and problem-solving. He quickly adapted to the IT world, bringing analytical thinking from his geological background. Known for his dedication and positive attitude, James enjoys exploring nature and combining his love for technology with outdoor adventures, such as roller discos and exhilarating bike rides.

Sam Kent - Systems Developer


When you need custom software written or a mobile App developed, then Sam is our go-to guy. He develops and implements applications for a wide range of businesses and organisations. He’ll oversee the whole process from assessing the requirements to developing a solution, through to testing, training and support.

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We pride ourselves on our level of customer service. But don't take our word for it, here's what some of our clients have to say about us.

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