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The Right Broadband Providers for you

In today’s world of connectivity and communication, one certainty is that every business needs a broadband connection. But some businesses require a lot more data flow than others. So, which broadband provider is the right one for your business?

We work with various providers to offer a range of business broadband solutions to suit all requirements. All of our business broadband services include support from our friendly, knowledgeable support team based in Horsham. When you call us, you get through to a human being. So, you’ll never need to deal with a call centre again!

We offer a range of bespoke broadband and Leased Line connectivity solutions throughout the UK. All of them are designed specifically for business use.

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

Fibre to the Cabinet is a term that describes the use of cabling in the broadband setup. FTTC is the most common in the UK as it makes use of existing infrastructure and is therefore the cheapest. The cabinet in the term refers to the green cabinets that you see in the street. There is a fibre optic connection between the internet provider and the cabinet. In this setup, a copper wire completes the data connection from the cabinet to the premises.

Unlimited Downloads. With FTTC business broadband solutions, there are no restrictions on the amount you download. There are no fair usage policies and no time-of-day restrictions. There is just a promise that we will do our best to deliver enough bandwidth within our own network. This ensures that we can deliver fast connection speeds to all our users throughout the day.

Unlimited Uploads. This is much the same as our download policy. You are free to upload as much data as your connection can deliver. There are no shaping restrictions to hinder or slow what you want to upload, regardless of the time of day.

Up to 80Mbps Downstream. Our FTTC packages are capable of delivering download speeds of up to 80Mbps. Short of delivering fibre directly to your premises, this is the fastest broadband package we offer. Accessing the Internet instantly becomes noticeably quicker using this technology.

Up to 20Mbps Upstream. Sometimes you need to send data. In which case, the upload speed is important. Our packages can deliver upload speeds of up to 20Mbps depending on the length and quality of your line. If upload speed is important to your business, our evaluation tools will provide you an estimate prior to order.

Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

Fibre to the Premises means that there is a fibre optic connection from your broadband provider right to your office. As the whole connection is fibre optic, it means you can achieve much higher broadband speeds.

Unlimited Downloads. As with FTTC, there are no restrictions on the amount you download, no fair usage policies, and no time-of-day restrictions.

Unlimited Uploads. Once again, there are no restrictions, so you are free to upload as much data as you require.

Up to 1Gbps Downstream. (1,000Mbps). By directly serving your property with fibre we can deliver speeds of up to 1,000Mb downstream. And what’s more, it is likely that this speed will increase in the future as exchange technology improves.

Up to 50Mbps Upstream.With FTTP, upload speeds can be as high as 50Mb.

Leased Lines

If your business requires large amounts of bandwidth without interruption to speed or connectivity, you might consider a leased line. This is a dedicated connection between your broadband provider’s local exchange and your premises. With shared lines, your bandwidth can be affected by how much bandwidth other people are using. This is not the case with broadband leased lines.

Dedicated Bandwidth. With an FTTC broadband setup, your connection can slow down at certain times of the day. However, leased lines supplied by Octotech are not subject to such congestion. Regardless of the time of day or communal usage, you will receive a consistently fast connection.

100% Service Level Target Agreement.The bespoke and dedicated nature of leased lines allows us to offer you a 100% target Service Level Agreement. Should a failure occur, regardless of the time or day, our support teams are available to speak to you. Quickly and efficiently, we’ll help you to diagnose and resolve the issue. And if we can’t deliver a resolution within the target time, then compensation is applied.

Symmetrical Speeds.The majority of customers will want to choose a leased line to help improve download speeds. However, because a leased line connection offers symmetrical speeds, you can open up new possibilities. For example, off-site backups become possible and remote access is significantly improved. This makes home working much more efficient.

Up to 10Gbps Downstream.(10,000Mbps). That’s pretty quick!

Up to 10Gbps Upstream. The speeds are symmetrical with a leased line so the upload speed will match the download speed.

Unlimited Usage. Forget about download limits, you can send as much data in and out of your leased line as you like.

Cisco Managed Router. With our fibre leased lines we can supply, without additional charge, a managed Cisco router. You can opt for a 'wires only' solution if you would prefer.

Ultra-Low Latency. The ultra-low latency of leased lines means there is an extraordinarily low tolerance for delay. This provides you with the confidence to run VoIP or financial trading solutions where every packet and millisecond count.

Resilient Failover Options. What if downtime simply isn't an option? We can provide you with bespoke solutions that utilise multiple leased lines, exchanges, carriers and data centre termination points. Simply let us know when requesting a quote.

Backup Connection Options. We can provide you with ADSL and FTTC backup connectivity solutions. This offers you a low cost backup solution should your primary leased line connection fail to work.

Multiple Carriers for Best Pricing. We connect to multiple carriers, which allows us to ensure that you get the best pricing possible. We determine the best provider based on your location, requirements and existing infrastructure.

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