Computer Repairs

Computer, laptop and Mac repairs in Horsham.

Computer Repairs

Working from our base in Horsham, our team of experienced engineers can repair most makes of computer. We know how integral computers are to our daily lives. That’s why we always aim to get you back up and running as soon as we can.

You can bring your computer to us in Horsham or we can come to you. If your problem is software related, it’s possible that we can fix it remotely. We’ll work quickly to evaluate the problem and offer you the quickest and most cost-effective solution.

If you’ve dropped your laptop, cracked a screen or your hard drive is making strange noises, then bring it in. We’ll assess the situation and give you a breakdown of what needs doing before starting work.

If your computer is running unusually slow, acting strange or you’ve downloaded a virus, spyware or malware, we can help. Call our technical team on 01403 888171, who will be happy to help.

Computer Repair or Replacement?

Sometimes, depending on the extent of damage and age of the machine, fixing it may not always be cost-effective. When we assess your computer, we’ll give you our honest assessment. Perhaps your machine is old or in bad condition. Or perhaps it is struggling to cope with your demand. Sometimes, repairing it may cost almost as much as replacing it. Every computer repair scenario is different, so we’ll give you all the facts you need to make a decision.

Sourcing a New Computer

If your computer is not repairable, we are happy to give you some no-obligation advice on purchasing a new computer. We can source a wide range of pre-built computers at competitive prices. Or, if you have specific requirements, we can build you a custom machine to your exact specifications. We can build anything from basic workstations up to high-spec gaming PC’s.

What Our Clients Say

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