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Peace of mind that your data is protected.

Why is Cyber Security important?

Small businesses can often be an attractive target for malicious attack. They often don’t have the right security defences and protocols in place, so are seen as an easy target. By installing the right level of security, you can be assured in the knowledge that your data is protected.

Octotech will ensure that your IT infrastructure remains secure on an ongoing basis. And, importantly, our managed cyber security will ensure you are compliant with data responsibilities imposed by the Information Commissioners Office. Security is core to everything we do at Octotech. We will not carry out any IT support without making you aware of the risks. All our products, platforms and services are inherently designed with security in mind.

With modern day Cyber Threats becoming more and more common, Cyber Security has seen a surge over recent years. Businesses are grappling with requirements imposed by government, regulatory bodies and insurers to ensure that they remain compliant and secure. Recently, leaked credentials, phishing campaigns and ransomware has highlighted just how important it is to take your Cyber Security seriously.

Octotech is well-versed in delivering industry standards such as Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus on behalf of our clients. In addition, we offer a wide range of additional cyber security services.

Octotech Cyber Security

Cyber Security for Business

All of our services are designed to increase your security and reduce the risk of data breaches. Each business is different and has different security requirements. So, for this reason, we offer a tailored approach to ensure you get the right solution.

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Penetration Testing
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What is Penetration Testing?

The purpose of penetration testing (or pen testing) is to check your IT setup for security flaws. We will simulate a cyber attack on your computer system to see if we can breach your firewalls. We’ll start by scanning your defences and look for weaknesses where we can gain access. By carrying out this process, we can ascertain the weak points in your system. We can then analyse them to determine the threat level and offer solutions to bolster your defences.

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