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Global ransomware outbreak

Today there has been a global ransomware virus outbreak on a scale never seen before. This outbreak has hit hundreds of thousands of systems and has caused IT shutdowns across the NHS, Santander, Fedex, KPMG, German railway operators and Russian mobile phone networks to name a few. 

This is not a targeted attack. The Ransomware is infecting any Microsoft Windows systems (that are accessible from the internet) which have not been patched against a vulnerability discovered at the end of March 17 (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms17-010.aspx) . The vulnerability in question was being used by intelligence agencies in the USA as part of their cyber program but it was then obtained by a hacking group and released into the wild hence it now being widely exploited to spread this ransomware.

Throughout the course of the evening we have been conducting a security audit across all client machines that are accessible from the internet. You may have noticed some interruptions to your services whilst we tweaked configurations on your systems to ensure that our defences against this huge attack stand firm. Please accept my apologies for this, however due to the significance of today’s events we had to act immediately without issuing a maintenance notice.

Due to the design of our systems and processes we have not seen a single infection at any of our clients.

We will continue to monitor this outbreak as it unfolds. I have included a link to the BBC coverage on this story should you wish to read further.

BBC news link to story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39901382

Multiple Serious Unpatched Secuirty Flaws Found In WD NAS Hard Drives

Multiple Western Digital MyCloud Networked Attached Storage (NAS) devices are affected by several security flaws, varying in severity, that allow attackers to bypass authentication, execute code on the device, and upload or download user data.

Discovered by a security researcher who goes by the name of Zenofex, these security flaws have not been reported to Western Digital, are still unpatched, and with public exploit code is available for more than half of the vulnerabilities.

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Command Input Error Caused Massive AWS S3 Outage

In a postmortem status report, Amazon blamed a command input typo for the massive AWS S3 outage that took out a large chunk of the Internet three days ago.

The root cause of the entire issue, Amazon says, was a problem with the S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) billing system that was moving too slowly on the morning of February 28.

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Owncloud Server Upgrades - 10/02/17

Across the course of this evening we have been upgrading our Owncloud server instances to the latest version - 9.1.4. You may be prompted to update the client software which runs on your computer or MAC in order to sync files. Please see instructions below on how to do so. 

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Important firmware notice from Draytek

Draytek, one of our primary router and networking equipment suppliers, has issued a critical firmware update notification for most of its products. DrayTek have applied improvements to most routers and access points. 

The firmware updates are designated 'critical' so you should update your product as soon as possible. 

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